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hey baby,here i am
I'm going on a date tonight! And we talked on the phone for an hour tonight. I like this boy. He's special, he listens, he's polite and respectful and I looove when he calls me sweetie and lovely. Very cute. Yesterday, my best guy friend of all time told me he has liked me since the day he met me, in the cutest way. I'm a little bit.. confused whether who to go for. They're both amazing guys. Gotta love what life throws at you, haha.
I haven't posted here in a while! Seems like I have grown up a lot since then.
I work all weekend which means no seeing sarah, only time to hangout with Dylan and go shopping.. haha. But I love my job! It's so fun and all the girls and boys I work with make my life complete. I don't think my mom is going to drive me to school because she has to go out. So I'm going to go watch what I like about you. Ciao bellas! <3333
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i think i am sick again, but i like it because it doesnt hurt me, it only makes me stronger, better, smaller. and its not hurting anyone else, so whats the harm.

i need to be held in somebodys arms and have them tell me they love me

i need to make some tea, get my call backs, and get a tan.
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oh my god. i want you. right here. right now.
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for the first time in my life i wish i was fifteen
you are the hottest and most drool worthy man on earth
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i'm addicted to love
and addicted to makin itttt
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i am so stressed, so tired, and so lonely.

i need a nap, an advil, and probably a hug.
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i will not be a whore. i will not be a bitch. i will not give myself to a person all at once, i will make them earn it.

i will get over you vaughn swenson.
i will go to the gym atleast once a week.
i will eat healthy.
i will wake up happy every day.
i will not stress on the little things.
i will learn to move on, let go, and possibly even love.
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i have a friend in new brunswick who is selling all of his stuff just so he can be in vancouver with the woman he loves. i wish somebody loved me that much. i think that is such an amazing story, that he would sell all of his material posessions, even the clothes off his back, because he loved somebody so much. dear true love, i applaud you.
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hey vaughn how can i hate you so much yet let you keep talking to me and putting me down and then giving me hope just to do the same thing again and again? why this change all of a sudden i dont understand you i dont want you i want the old you and i want to be as happy as i was. i remember kissing you and watching a walk to remember and you stopping just to tell me " lauren.. your beautiful." i remember baking yoru birthday cake and our dinner date and how much you meant to me, meeting your mom.. you meeting my parents. when we went for sushi and i said " vaughn, eat the fish tail, i dare you, its ok you know you can eat it!!"

fuck love and fuck lust.

merry shitmas!
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